July 11th, 2015 - Bottle Club Heads To Hop Hideout, Sheffield

When I started hosting a monthly bottle club at The Duke's Head in Highgate I didn't imagine that in the months to come sought after tickets would be selling out in less than 10 minutes flat. Bottle Club has since become a highlight of my monthly calendar and I'm excited to announce that I'll to be taking the show on the road this July, when I bring the Club to Sheffield's Hop Hideout

The premise of Bottle Club is simple, tickets are £10 each and I spend all of your hard earned money on fantastic beer to share. At Hop Hideout I'll be curating a selection of bottles on the day from their extensive range. As well as guiding you on a tutored tasting I'll be talking about why I've selected each beer, perhaps it's a beer that's special to me or perhaps it's simply something I've wanted to try for ages.

Either way, there'll be great beer, plenty of chat and lots of audience participation, so come down and join us at Hop Hideout on the 11th of July. Tickets are just £10 each and are available either over the counter from Hop Hideout or on their website next to a giant picture of my face. I look forward to seeing you there and tasting some really good beers!