I Found Myself at Lost and Grounded

Words & Photo - Matthew Curtis

At the heart of Lost and Grounded Brewery, which launched in Bristol last August, sits an impressive 25 Hectolitre Krones AG Microcube brewhouse. It’s only the fourth such system the German brewing equipment supplier has manufactured, never having fabricated smaller systems such as this before. The fact that a company such as Krones, which usually designs far larger brewhouses, are now working to support smaller craft brewers is a fantastic demonstration of how the craft beer industry is maturing.

Lost and Grounded was founded in 2016 by ex-Little Creatures and Camden Town brewing director Alex Troncoso and his partner Annie. Unlike seemingly every other brewery startup here in the UK, Lost and Grounded has launched without a pale ale or IPA in its lineup. Instead its focus is on modern Belgian styles such as Dubbel and Saison, along with a killer lineup of both modern and traditional lagers. I spent a day at Lost and Grounded a few weeks ago so that I could better understand their aims and how they'll fit into the burgeoning Bristol beer scene and beyond. In a few weeks time you'll be able to read all about it on Good Beer Hunting