Audio Interview with Northern Monk's Brian Dickson from Hangover Club at The Duke's Head, Highgate

Audio - Matthew Curtis Photo - Tom Harrison

Back in August we held a special event at The Duke's Head, Highgate as part of London Beer City called Hangover Club. We were joined by Northern Monk's Head Brewer Brian Dickson, who chatted to us about what its like to brew at Northern Monk, how he got into brewing and winning awards at prestigious American beer competitions - and we recorded the whole conversation for your listening pleasure.

This is the first time we've dabbled with Audio on Total Ales, following recording some podcast episodes for Good Beer Hunting. The whole interview is available to stream on Soundcloud or to download so you can listen to it later. As this is our first foray into sharing audio we'd appreciate any feedback on any ways we can make this easier for you guys, so please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.