A Moment With The New Zealand Craft Beer Collective

Words & Photos - Matthew Curtis

The notion that we now have access to some of the best Craft Beer being brewed in New Zealand here in the UK is ridiculous. Stop and think about it for a second. New Zealand is over eighteen-thousand kilometres from Britain, for beer to have travelled from any further away it would have to be brewed in Antarctica. At a packed Hop Burns & Black people are gathered to meet Stu McKinlay of Yeastie Boys and Richard Shirtcliffe of Tuatara, two members of the New Zealand Craft Beer Collective, which also features Renaissance, Three Boys and 8 Wired. The reason these five breweries have teamed up to ship their beer halfway around the world is because they think it's worth it, and judging by the reception they received at the launch, they were right. Kiwis and Brits have always had a lot in common, we live a long way away from each other but we're firm friends. In fact, so strong is this bond that Yeastie Boys are setting up shop over here, a home from home. Here's to a long and lasting relationship between the Craft Brewers of New Zealand and the UK. Just remember to think about the effort that's gone into getting that beer into your hand when you next crack one open.

The above photo was taken at Hop Burns & Black in Peckham, South London, which is owned by Kiwi ex-pats Jen Ferguson and Glenn Williams. Next time you pop in to get your NZ beer fix throw them a high five from me.