Dianne Tanner // Contributing Photographer

I’m a self-taught photographer using a very old camera to take photographs of dead things which I make into functional, cool stuff.

I grew up in rural New Zealand, and moved to London in 2004, where my love of Natural History and forever obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer have combined to make me … someone who likes to lurk in dusty museums and damp cemeteries capturing quiet moments and secret spaces on 35mm film. It makes sense, honest. I’ve always been naturally drawn to things other people might not notice, the calm spot in a busy street, the dustiest corner of the museum, the most overgrown grave in the cemetery.  So I take photographs of them, and there is a record that someone, somewhere noticed.

Check out Dianne's original products & photography at www.diannetanner.co.uk. Follow Dianne on Instagram & Twitter @diannespanner

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