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Matthew Curtis is an Award-Winning Freelance Writer & Photographer

The modern beer industry can sometimes feel crowded. Which is why it’s now more important than ever to invest in ensuring your brand stands out. And this can be far simpler than you might expect!

From Writer & Photographer Matthew Curtis, Total Ales offers services including: copywriting, photography and brand consultancy, along with event design and management. Our journalistic background allows us to draw insight from the UK beer industry, along with those further afield such as the United States. Total Ales can provide you with the simple tools to make your content pop and your brand grow its engagement potential, all while taking some of the pressure away from your team.

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“Matthew is an eloquent bridge between brewers and drinkers, helping to expose what we brewers do and why we do it. His words and photographs have helped breweries bring their communities and experiences to life and show what a wonderful industry we are lucky enough to work within. He lives and breathes beer.”Logan Plant, Founder, Beavertown

Matthew Curtis is a Freelance Writer and Photographer, awarded for his work by both the British and North American Guild of Beer Writers. He has written for multiple publications, including: Ferment, Good Beer Hunting, Belgian Beer & Food, BEER, The SIBA Journal, On-Trade Preview, Australian Brews News and Original Gravity.

Total Ales was established in January 2012 and swiftly became Matthew’s platform into the beer industry as a writer, photographer and consultant. He lives in North London with his partner Dianne and his cat Cricket.

Our recent client list includes: Beavertown Brewery, Beatnikz Republic, Caps & Taps, The Five Points Brewing Company, Grace Land, Hop Stuff, Signature Brew, Pilsner Urquell, Craft Beer Cares, Stokey Beer Fest, Ryland Peters & Small and Hop Burns & Black.


“Matthew’s distinctive voice has helped establish our blog as a go-to for entertaining and informative content and he understands the unique flavour of our business so well that we consider him an extension of our team. We know when we work with Matt that his work will be on brand, on time and on point.” — Jen Ferguson, Owner, Hop Burns & Black

“I’ve followed Matthew’s work for several years and watched him become an eminent voice in the beer industry, not only in the UK but globally. His understanding of every step of the journey from grain to glass is deep and nuanced. And his ability to capture the celebration and communion that surrounds beer with his camera is, in my opinion, peerless.” — Jonathan Urch, Sales Director, Diageo Beer Company USA

“Matthew knows his way around a brewery, and it’s this knowledge of the brewing process and inner workings of a brewhouse which have proved to be such an asset when working with us. Because of this, he's been able to pick out some of the little idiosyncrasies unique to our brewery, and add our brand and personality into the photos.” — Claudia Mayne , Digital and Marketing Manager, The Five Points Brewing Company