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Beer Writer Matthew Curtis founded Total Ales in January 2012 after deciding he needed a vessel to document his enthusiasm for beer and the incredible culture that surrounds it. It has since grown into one of the most popular beer blogs in the UK, attracting and audience of around 5000 unique readers each month, who are as keen to explore the world of beer as we are. 

Here at Total Ales we strive to write and photograph the things happening in the world of beer that captivate and ignite our collective imaginations. Our Blue Elephant logo is a homage to the beer that started us on this journey, Odell IPA. We've been following that Elephant ever since and we hope you'll join us on our journey.

Matthew Curtis // Founder & Editor

Photograph by Alex Theakston

Matthew is a London based freelance beer writer, photographer and consultant. He founded Total Ales in January 2012 and has been working as a full time freelance writer and photographer within the beer industry since February 2016.

He is a regular contributor for Good Beer Hunting and Ferment Magazine. He has also contributed articles and photography to several other publications including The Brewers Journal, Belgian Beer and Food, The Morning Advertiser, The On Trade Preview and The SIBA Journal. 

Matthew also works as an events host and organiser for The Duke's Head Highgate, The Prince N22 and Hop Burns & Black for who he also writes a bi-weekly column. Working as a consultant he has provided services including content development, events planning and hosting and PR for companies including Pilsner Urquell, Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co, Fourpure Brewing Co, Signature Brew and Pirate Life Brewing

Matthew has recently produced photography for The Five Points Brewing Company, Belgian Smaak, Joshua M. Bernstein's Complete IPA and for Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans of The Craft Beer Channel. Portfolio coming soon, please contact me for examples of my work. 

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Dianne Tanner - Photographer

Dianne is a London based photographer and maker who takes photos of dead things and makes them into cool stuff. See more of her work at

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Claire M. Bullen - Writer & Photographer

Claire has been a devoted beer drinker since the age of 14. After relocating to London two and a half years ago, she has keenly followed the local craft beer scene and occasionally writes about it on her blog, Brewity.

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Frank Curtis - Writer

Frank Curtis has worked in the plant breeding and seeds industry for more than 36 years. Frank lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where he is currently the Executive Vice President and head of operations at Limagrain Cereal Seeds.

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Total Ales is created by a hard working team of freelance creative writers and photographers who work in and around the beer industry for a living. We don't allow traditional advertising so that you can concentrate on reading the good stuff. On occasion we may work with brands, which may involve them paying us to create content, covering travel and accommodation costs, or sending us samples of products to review. In the case of any content being sponsored this way it will be clearly indicated at the start of the post. This is how we make our living and how we are able to let you enjoy the content on this site for free. We never allow brands to create content on our behalf.